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Europeans biggest closet is totally air-proof now

Von energiebüro q50 christian rösemeier, Mittwoch, 17. April 2013, 14:26

Clench your fist for victory: Since Sunday the 14th of April,
Christian Rösemeier and his team are aspirants for a new world record.
Reason is the Blower Door Test at the stock of mail order company
Zalando in Erfurt (Germany). With this Air-Tightness-Test the office of
energy q50 is on its way straight to the Guinness Book of World Records.

„Due to a good prearrangement and an awesome team, we had a great
process of mensuration", says Christian Rösemeier. Just nine hours had
been necessary for the Blower Door Test of the 101.400 square meters
building area. Three hours less than calculated. Only half of the complete
volume flow were used: circa 217.000 cubic meters of an available complete
volume flow of 400.000 cubic meters per hour. The absolute installation
tooks three hours. Ventilators were built into exterior doors. All openings
which are conducting to the outside, were closed. All internal doors were
open. By using the ventilators, (Blower Door) air is getting extracted out of
the building through an indiscernible vaccum. „The building still could
have been bigger", says Rösemeier. By the way: In use was the biggest
ventilator of Germany: a gas engine with 40 PS. Christian Rösemeier
imported it from the United States. Existing leaks were analized with an
infrared camera and a thermoanemometer.

Blower Door Tests are Rösemeiers staff of life. The office of energy q50 is
working all over Germany and partially EU-wide. For a german costumer,
Christian Rösemeier was also in Olomouc in Czech Republic to gauge a deep-freeze
logistic-center. Business concerns and private owners ensure themselves
against fatal damages in their building area with Blower Door Tests. In
times of Climate Change and rising energy costs, air-proofness is an
important criterion for all new buildings and rehabilitations.

"Now it´s time for analyzing", says CEO Christian Rösemeier. On Monday he was
on his way from Erfurt back to his hometown Hessisch Oldendorf
(Hamelin, Germany). The results should be at the office of Guinness
World Records in London at the end of the week. Until then, the team
will be tremble since the message of deliverance is coming: Blower Door
Test-World Record is accepted. The office of energy q50 gets its
expected entry into the book.

Text: Sandra Walschek, Journalist

Press release - Europeans biggest closet is totally air-proof now

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